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Personal Training

Personal Training at The Unit

At the Unit, we know that every person we work with is an individual, which is why we tailor our training and nutrition plans to your specific body, your goals, and your exercise experience. We cover all aspects of training from the initial consultation right through to the final stages of your body transformation; we work closely with you to create an effective nutrition programme throughout your journey.



During the process of achieving your goals, you will be educated to understand the mechanics of your body, how to reach your potential through specific exercise, and how to effectively fuel your training with customised nutrition programming that you genuinely enjoy. It is this value that we see in maximising our time with our clients in order to develop honest, trusting relationships between trainers and clients.



Benefits of having a Personal Trainer

  • Offering unique services for whatever needs you may have; weight loss program, muscle & physique, or sports performance. We know your situation is unique, and we want to work with you to achieve your goals.
  • Holding YOU responsible/accountable: We’re like that best friend that’s full of tough love. We hold you accountable to make sure you actually do what you set out to do. We all know how hard it is to follow through on promises to yourself. However, we also know you can do it! When you’re running low on motivation, we promise to not let you fall back on those oh-so-tempting excuses.
  • We’re not a mirror: Looking in a mirror while exercising is common practice to make sure that your form is correct. However, even with a mirror, your form can still sometimes be wrong, which leads to things like; possible injury, lack of effectiveness, a bad habit of performing the wrong action. With a real person there to help you tweak your form, you can rest assured that your workout will be maximally effective and your energy will not go to waste.
  • No plateau: A plateau is referring to the point where your body adjusts to your exercises and it becomes harder for you to get the results you want after a time (like losing weight!) Professional trainers have a plethora of workouts, and since your trainer will get to know you, they all be able to help you reach your goals faster while avoiding your body’s plateau.



Tom Fahy: Some of the facts from Tom's journey in The Unit:

  • He started personal training at The Unit in January 2016 weighing 146kgs.
  • He started Tough Mudder training in April weighing 121 kgs.
  • He completed Tough Mudder in July 2016 weighing 109 kgs.
  • He started Crossfit in August weighing 103 kgs.
  • In October 2016 He completed the Run Galway Bay Half Marathon

"For years I thought about getting fit but did nothing – I really want to encourage anyone who can relate to my story to just go and do it. The rewards outweigh the effort so much that I don’t know why I left it so long. Not only do I feel better, my business is benefiting because I have more energy but most of all being able to take part in something like Tough Mudder or the Galway Bay Half Marathon with my three teenage kids is just amazing"


Pauls Testimonial

The before photograph was that “Oh my god” moment that made me decide I needed to change my life as I did not want to be the person in that picture any longer. Initially my goal was just to lose weight (2 Stone) and then improve my fitness a little. After meeting Colin and Aga at the Unit in
Claregalway it was clear they understood what was required for me to achieve my goals in a measured and safe manner (as I’m no longer a spring chicken) so I signed up for a personal training program.

The program included a detailed nutrition and workout plan to be worked on over a 12 week timeframe but it also needed to be flexible to accommodate my occupation which required considerable travel. The team made it clear to me that to achieve the goals I set myself would
require considerable commitment to stick to the plan and there would be difficult times ahead as I started the program (No Pain No Gain). After 4 weeks I could start to see and feel the changes which spurred me on to be even more committed and get to a weight that I had not seen since my late twenty’s which is where I am today. Importantly as part of this process I have also improved my fitness and strength beyond my expectations which in turn has the added benefit of improved energy levels to help me deal with a very busy schedule and who knows but I might just have added a few more years to my lifeline.

This is one of the best things I have done and I could not have done it without the knowledge and expertise of Aga Moskowa to guide me through the process without killing myself or worse embarrassing myself in the unfamiliar environment of the gym for someone in their 50’s.
Thanks Aga.



Paul (Trained by Stephen Gill): Paul is married to my sister and began training a few years ago.

Over the last few years, I have been giving Paul advice on training plans and techniques and nutrition. Of course, it isn’t all down to my help, Paul has put a serious amount of hard work in and the result speaks for itself. Recently I gave Paul a training plan and nutrition plan with an aim of cutting body fat yet maintaining muscle mass. His weight training is mainly high intensity which includes a lot of supersets, tri sets and giant sets. This plan also includes HIIT and LISS cardio. I used a nutrition technique called ‘Carb Cycling’ which involves tweaking your carbohydrate intake to having a certain amount of low carb days followed by one high day. This gets your metabolism to fire more thus burning more fat. This type of plan is for people at an intermediate or advanced stage of training


Hugh's Testimonial:

'The Unit Gym and especially the CrossFit classes have been absolutely brilliant for me. Colin and Keith make the classes really enjoyable for all ages (especially 44yr olds!!!) and levels plus there is a different routine every night. Getting fit and into shape is a guarantee. With their easy going, friendly personalities they create a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere. Eash workout is challenging, creative and most importantly fun!! They really know how to push you hard and have fun at the same time. BRILLIANT!




M: In only 18 weeks M has lost over 14kg and 36cm and dropped 2 dress sizes.

"When I first started with Aga I was overweight and unhealthy. She
soon changed my attitude to exercise and nutrition and gave me so much
motivation. The centimetres and the pounds soon started to disappear,
Aga works you HARD but makes the sessions enjoyable, she is my fairy
godmother!! I have gone from unable to run for 30 seconds to happily
running for 25m mins”.



"I have been working with The Unit Gym and Aga for a couple of months
and already the results have been amazing. I feel great and can notice
a huge difference in my fitness and appearance. Aga is a pleasure to
work with and makes working out enjoyable - she certainly works you to
your hardest but in an encouraging and fun way. The gym we train at is
fantastic and not over crowded like most places i have been in the



So what can we help you with?

Here at The Unit all of our Personal Trainers are highly qualified and experienced to ensure all of our clients reach their own goals and more. Here are the area's we can help you with:

  • Weight Loss
  • Body Toning
  • Muscle definition
  • Pre and Post pregnancy – Stay in shape during and after your pregnancy.
  • Fit @ 50 – Stay and feel fit to reduce ageing effects. Enjoy higher energy levels, increased confidence, enhanced general health, improved sleep to name just a few.
  • Contest Preparation
  • Bulk Training
  • Elite Sports Training
  • Injury Rehab
  • 4/8/12-week transformation Programmes
  • Small Group Training – 2/4 people – Personal Training with your friends / Partner
  • Online Personal Training
  • Explosive Fast Results


Nobody will ever tell you it is going to be easy. All of our Personal Training Clients will receive the following to give you the support you deserve:

  • Personalised Nutrition plan which is changed as and when needed.
  • The personalised programme changed as needed and clients own workouts given.
  • Unlimited classes
  • Coaching and support
  • Whatsapp support
  • Email support
  • Weekly and monthly fitness and nutritional targets that you must hit….
  • Expert knowledge and guidance with your nutrition and time will be given in every session to talk about your food intake.

Meet Our Trainers

Agnes Moskwa: Agnes is qualified Personal Trainer&Nutrition Advisor with certifications in Gym instruction, Indoor Cycling, Aerobics&Step and Circuit Training. Bodybuilding contest competitor herself, she loves to share her passion for fitness and healthy lifestyle with you.

She knows how determination and commitment can change people's lives forever. Her focus is to help people reach their full potential both in terms of mind and body.

Through nutrition and exercise, she can help you reach your goals and create healthy habits. She’ll be here to help you achieve your goal, get the best from every workout and make your time more efficient and fun.




Stephen Gill: 
Stephen is from Westport in Co.Mayo. A number of years ago Stephen made a decision to change his lifestyle and begin his fitness journey. It was one of the best decisions he has made and for him, the natural transition was to pursue a career in the fitness industry.

Stephen has competed in physique competitions and he now plans on competing in a wbff competition in the UK next year. Stephen is a qualified fitness instructor and Personal Trainer. He is also a soon to be certified Nutritional advisor.

Stephen is excited to train all types of clients here at The Unit from fat loss, muscle building, toning up and powerlifting targets. He is enthusiastic about all types of training and is constantly studying to expand his knowledge which he passes onto his clients


Every programme is tailored to each to that individual's need. So the following price list is just a guide.

  • 1 Hour sessions, start at €50
  • Nutrition Plans - €50
  • Training Plans - €50
  • Both Nutrition & Training Plans €80

Contact Us

You can contact us here to book your free consultation or to request a call back at your convenience. You are under no obligation to go forward after this.

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We are a fitness and health centre located in corporate park, Claregalway. Come see us and we will do the rest to help you hit your targets.

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